Real Testimonials From My Clients

 “After a recommendation from a friend, I contacted Jane via e-mail on the Counsel UK website. Jane is an Integrative counsellor and a true professional. Great use of many theoretical approaches to suit many of our needs. Specially grounded in empathy, respect and congruence. A great person to with work short or long term, I would highly recommend Jane". (B.H - Chesterfield)

"I knew I needed help and after talking to a few people I heard that Jane's is one of the best in the Midlands if not the UK. So I called Jane via the Counsel UK website and made my way through my counselling sessions. I am now in a very different place, feeling like a new person and have a great outlook to my future. Jane has given me my confidence back and I know without Jane I would not be where I am, so thank you Jane". (K.W - Leicester)

"When I first thought of seeing a counsellor, I was a unsure if it would help me. After much consideration and a recommendation from a friend I contacted Jane. I never really knew how much my issues had affected my life. In my first meeting with Jane I felt totally at ease and wondered what I was really worrying about. I think my worrying was not of meeting a counsellor, however more of disclosing my issues with someone who I did not know. Jane showed me how to look at my life, easing out my issues by helping me confront them head on, in a manner which I now use today. Confidentiality is paramount to Jane and I always felt comfortable disclosing my issues with Jane's warm and engaging manner. If it was not for Jane I would not have moved forward in my life. I am truly grateful for having Jane as my counsellor, as I am sure many others are".  (D.A - Derby)

"It has been a pleasure to work with Jane at her office and once over Skype due to my car breaking down. Jane has helped me to gain knowledge and understanding of my personal issues. I have really appreciated my time with Jane and I really like who I am now going forward in my life". (L.W - Nottingham)

Testimonial from a workshop candidate:

"I am currently training to become a counsellor I attend Jane's workshops on a regular basis; her workshops are extremely informative they truly open my mind not only on a professional level but also on a personal level. have learnt many valuable things which I will take with me throughout my training and beyond. All this plus Jane's clear passion and drive to deliver as well as her great sense of humour is why I would not hesitate to recommend any of the services she offers she is an extremely knowledgeable lady and you will truly learn so much from her". (B.K - Derby)

Jane Dean

Mobile/Text: 07801486362

Note: All testimonials are given to us with the permission of the clients.

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